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Kink Meme Guidelines


- This kink meme is anonymous. You may link to personal sites such as your AO3 or tumblr page, but logged in comments are not allowed.
- This kink meme subscribes to the Choose Not to Warn school of thought. Feel free to flag up content or spoilers in your own prompts or fills, but don't expect others to do it or ask for it.

Prompts and fills:

- One prompt per comment.
- Prompt subject lines should follow the format Character(/Character); prompt summary. Alphabetical order is generally good. Use Any if your prompt isn't character-specific. Indicate also RPF in the subject line.
- Note FILL in the subject line. Other than that, please don't change the subject lines when commenting.
- Fills may be posted in comments or on other sites and then linked here. Please post with a link to your fill at the Fills Post.
- Multiple fills are welcome!


- MCU here is understood loosely as all the movies, television series, games, and ancillary entertainments produced by the Disney-Marvel behemoth.
- Prompts drawing from the comics and other Marvel-related properties are welcome. There's a dedicated post for non-MCU prompts. Crossover prompts may be posted to the main post as well.
- As a wise anon once said, KINKTOMATO. All kinks are welcomed and cherished, and no negative comments on others' prompts are tolerated. If you want to direct a mod's attention somewhere, comment on the Ask Mod post.
- RPF is allowed.
- Underage is allowed.

Currently relevant:

- Spoilers for Captain America: Civil War are not forbidden or actively policed on the main post. However, there is a CW-centered prompt post which you are encouraged to use.

If you have questions or comments, please use the Ask Mod post.