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Prompt Post #1

Welcome to the brand spanking new MCU Kink Meme!

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Have fun prompting and filling!

Steve/Bucky, marathon sex

(Anonymous) 2016-04-26 02:15 am (UTC)(link)
That supersoldier stamina has to be good for something! Give me some marathon sexing, please!

FILL: "I can do this all night" (Steve/Bucky, marathon sex) [1/?]

(Anonymous) 2016-06-13 04:14 pm (UTC)(link)
Steve already knew it about himself - not that Erskine's people had been thorough enough to ask him about that portion of his body's function, but he hadn't been with anyone since they woke him up from the ice and that wasn't exactly by choice, so he'd gotten pretty familiar with this right hand. Along with the fact that there didn't seem to be a limit to the number of times he could get off, there was also a pretty significant increase in both sensitivity and... well, amount of come, not to put too fine of a point on it. Settling in to take care of himself now involved at least a couple of hours and more than one hand towel.

Discovering that it was true for Bucky too, and discovering it while he was on his knees with Bucky coming down his throat and not even going a little bit soft, was really the best possible thing that could happen in the universe. Steve didn't even bother to wipe his mouth as he pulled off, his chin wet with spit, and grinned like it was the best present he'd ever gotten. "You too?"

He watched Bucky swallow hard, still a little dazed from the orgasm. "Guess so," he said. There was a rough note to his voice that made Steve ache.

"Maybe now you can finally keep up with me."

Bucky's stared at him for a minute like he still didn't think Steve was real - he kept looking like that, lately, his eyes lost in his face like he expected Steve to vanish as soon as he turned the corner - and then let out a startled bark of laughter that made his stomach muscles jump under Steve's hands. He grabbed a handful of Steve's hair, a smirk pulling at his mouth and said, "Try me."

Steve felt like the inside of his head was buzzing as he opened his mouth and let Bucky steer him back onto his cock, the weight of it stretching his jaw open. He made Bucky come again right where they were, pulling back to catch it on his open mouth just to hear Bucky explode into a stream of swearing. "Steve, Christ, do you have any idea how you look like that-"

"Good, huh?" Steve's cheeks ached from grinning - he just couldn't stop.

Bucky pulled him up to his feet and turned them around, pushing Steve back against the wall so hard it drove the breath from his chest, and then they were kissing, sloppy and wet, Bucky sucking at his lips and licking the come off his face. His hand closed around Steve's cock a second later, the knuckles brushing against Steve's stomach as he tugged him off, fingers of his metal hand digging grooves in the sheetrock next to Steve's head.

"Get- you too, Buck, come on." Steve tried to get his hands to do what he wanted but the feeling of Bucky's hand on him was too good. He settled them on Bucky's hips instead, fingers clutching bruisingly tight. Bucky thankfully figured out what Steve wanted a couple seconds after he stopped babbling to groan, shifting his grip so he had both of them in his hand. Spit made the slide of his hand over their cocks wetter, but it was still friction and rough skin and had Steve coming all over both of them embarrassingly fast.

Bucky huffed a laugh into the crook of his throat. "It's a good thing you can go again, or a guy could get disappointed."

Steve rocked his hips into Bucky's fist, still hard, come slicking the way much better than saliva had. The smart retort that lingered on the tip of his tongue died away when Bucky threw his head back and came on a silent gasp, his mouth open and his eyes screwed shut, hair starting to stick to his neck. It was the most gorgeous thing Steve had ever seen.

He wanted to see it at least a dozen more times before they were through.

"Back up - let's move this to the bed before you gouge a hole in the wall."

"Yeah-" Bucky pulled, hands around Steve's waist, turning them around again shoving so Steve's knees hit the bed and he went down with Bucky on top of him. Steve didn't protest the manhandling, just pulled Bucky close, hands sliding down his back to the firm swell of his ass. He pulled Bucky against him, grinding them together. Sweat gathered between them, making the slide of skin on skin easier. Bucky came again like that, rubbing against him with the muscles of his ass flexing under Steve's hands, and Steve could tell he was going to be a mess before this was all over. The thought set him off again too, adding to the mess on both of their stomachs.

"Jesus," Bucky said, propping himself up on his elbows. He looked down their bodies to where he was still lazily grinding his cock against Steve's stomach, now smeared with come that trickled into the divots between his stomach muscles. "You're a mess, Rogers."

Steve grabbed for Bucky's face, pulling him down to kiss him again, stubble rough against his palms. It was more like mouthing at each other, both of them panting for breath as they kissed. The cold palm of Bucky's metal hand settled on Steve's knee, pushing his legs open wider. He pulled away from the kiss and sat back, swiping his fingers through the mess of come on Steve's stomach before pushing two into Steve's body with no preamble. The stretch of it was a sharp ache between his legs for only a second before the pain eased as quickly as it had come. Steve clutched at Bucky wherever he could reach, fingernails catching at his skin and raising red welts.

Any/Any, Sex Pollen

(Anonymous) 2016-04-26 02:16 am (UTC)(link)
Good old fashioned sex pollen. :D

Re: Any/Any, Sex Pollen

(Anonymous) 2016-04-26 07:21 pm (UTC)(link)
This makes me want to pick a fairly random ship, like Drax/Thor or something. Is that too "any" or would you still be into it?

Re: Any/Any, Sex Pollen

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Re: Any/Any, Sex Pollen

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Re: Any/Any, Sex Pollen

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(Anonymous) 2016-04-26 03:33 am (UTC)(link)
Is this a crossover? At any rate, handwavium gets one of them transported to the other's realm, and have to team up despite being suspicious of each other, then sex happens. Bonus points if something tropey like hatesex or sharing a bed is involved.

Re: Natasha/Gamora

(Anonymous) 2016-04-26 04:14 am (UTC)(link)
Totally not a crossover, Infinity Stones and Thanos bind them together. Also +1.

Fury/Coulson, service submission

(Anonymous) 2016-04-26 03:53 am (UTC)(link)
Because Coulson was pretty much born to be a service sub.

Re: Fury/Coulson, service submission

(Anonymous) 2016-04-26 03:28 pm (UTC)(link)

Any/Any, painful orgasm, still hot sex

(Anonymous) 2016-04-26 09:20 am (UTC)(link)
Sooo, I don't know if this kink has a name, but: Character of your choice experiences intense physical pain when they orgasm. They still like having sex. Literal writhing and crying in pleasure-pain! Worried and/or turned-on partners! Etc.

The pain can be of mundane origin (like orgasm migraine), because of a magic spell, a side effect of superpowers... Go wild! Just no noncon please.

Thor/Loki - Loki has been in love with Thor since like puberty

(Anonymous) 2016-04-26 01:58 pm (UTC)(link)
It can be one-sided, it can reciprocated, it can be rated whatever you want. I just want a fic that explores Loki being intensely and creepily enamored of Thor, especially if he's half-happy they're not "really" brothers even through, yeah they are, and he'd be pissed/hurt if anyone (Thor especially) suggested otherwise.

Re: Thor/Loki - Loki has been in love with Thor since like puberty

(Anonymous) 2016-04-26 03:29 pm (UTC)(link)

Daisy/Jemma - anal pegging

(Anonymous) 2016-04-26 02:49 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm not picky about who's giving and who's receiving, as long as they both enjoy it and the receiver takes it up her ass like a champ.

Creative use of Daisy's vibrational powers would be a very nice plus, as would discussion of where and how the receiver learned her skill.

Bonus: the receiver comes just from being anally fucked.

Phil Coulson & or / Clint Barton; "I need your touch"

(Anonymous) 2016-04-26 03:40 pm (UTC)(link)
Something happens that temporarily or permanently disables Clint's sight and hearing. He goes into flight mode and fights the Avengers as they try to help.

Until Coulson steps in, and Clint, recognizing the feel of his hands, calms right down.

Any scenario is cool. Gen fic, normal physical injury, magical injury, magical fuck-or-die curse, established D/s relationship, a/b/o, etc.

+1 for C/C slash, but familial love or just many years of working as a team are cool, too
+10 for the Avengers (sans Natasha) having no idea that Clint and Coulson had such a close relationship

Re: Phil Coulson & or / Clint Barton; "I need your touch"

(Anonymous) 2016-04-29 08:50 pm (UTC)(link)
Yes please!

Steve/Bucky, Bucky REALLY likes the uniform

(Anonymous) 2016-04-26 04:14 pm (UTC)(link)
Based on the gif from CA:TFA

Bucky really likes the outfit. He likes it on Steve. He likes peeling it off Steve. And he likes a bit of role reversal roleplay.

Can be during WW2 or after CA:TWS.

Tony/Bruce, size kink + object insertion

(Anonymous) 2016-04-26 04:16 pm (UTC)(link)
Bruce won't top with Tony - he's worried he'll lose control and Hulk out, even though he's never done it in the past. Tony has given up on convincing him the Hulk won't make an appearance in bed and has taken a different tactic - stretching himself with huge plugs and dildos to try and convince Bruce he could take the Hulk if necessary.

Up to you if they do have sex and Bruce does Hulk out. I'm mostly in this for Tony getting wrecked.

Steve/Bucky - dick size kink plus cock worship

(Anonymous) 2016-04-26 04:29 pm (UTC)(link)
Bucky has a thing for large dicks, and Steve is well-endowed. So, how about Bucky worshipping Steve's big dick, please?

Scott Lang/Luis - Literally Anything

(Anonymous) 2016-04-26 04:30 pm (UTC)(link)
They met in prison guys. And Scott was recently divorced and probably had just lost all his friends. I mean... just anything about them discovering their love for one another in that setting is fine by me.

But also, anything set during the movie, preferably with post-sex waffles.

Re: Scott Lang/Luis - Literally Anything

(Anonymous) 2016-04-27 03:45 am (UTC)(link)

Tony Stark/Hope Van Dyne - Daddy Issues and Boss/Employee Relationship

(Anonymous) 2016-04-26 04:35 pm (UTC)(link)
Pre-Iron Man.

Tony meets Hope and wants her. Both her body and her mind. Hope meets Tony and sees a way to really make Hank pay. So she goes to work for Stark Industries before she eventually comes back to Pym Technologies. And she makes it her job to flagrantly engage publicly in a relationship with Tony solely to exorcise demons from her relationship with Hank by screwing the heir to the empire he hates.

Tony does not mind that. He clearly likes powerful women who know what they want.

Tony Stark/Peter Quill

(Anonymous) 2016-04-26 04:37 pm (UTC)(link)
Either Peter lands on Earth or Tony takes off into space, but they meet, hit it off and have super hot casual sex together.

Bonus for one of Peter's mixes playing in the background and the choice of music influencing the moment in any way.

Steve/Johann Schmidt - Dark!Fic, Slavery elements

(Anonymous) 2016-04-26 04:39 pm (UTC)(link)
Anything where Johann Schmidt captures Steve (during the war or in present day) and basically turns him into his personal fucktoy.

Go nuts - fucking machines, noncon body modification, drugged sex, forced feminization, exhibitionism, etc. I am a garbage human.

Would prefer it to initially be noncon but roll into dubcon as Steve becomes conditioned to want it.

Re: Steve/Johann Schmidt - Dark!Fic, Slavery elements

(Anonymous) 2016-04-27 05:03 pm (UTC)(link)
Man, I've wanted to write something like this for a while now. One important question: is it okay if there's a rescue at the end?

Re: Steve/Johann Schmidt - Dark!Fic, Slavery elements

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Re: Steve/Johann Schmidt - Dark!Fic, Slavery elements

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Re: Steve/Johann Schmidt - Dark!Fic, Slavery elements

(Anonymous) - 2016-04-29 20:56 (UTC) - Expand

Loki Wins AU - Multiple Avengers Taken as Sexy Warprizes

(Anonymous) 2016-04-26 04:43 pm (UTC)(link)
What is says on the tin. Loki wins, and so he decides to humiliate the Avengers and turn them into concubines or sex slaves.

No Thor/Loki please. Incest is a squick for me.

Ultron Wins AU - Ultron/Tony

(Anonymous) 2016-04-26 04:50 pm (UTC)(link)
Ultron isn't defeated after all (either he wins at the end of Age of Ultron or he comes back at a later point and takes over the world), and decides to make Tony suffer for his own amusement.

Tony/His Suits or a warped distorted version of Jarvis could be involved as well.

Steve/Tony - Dubcon, rough sex

(Anonymous) 2016-04-26 05:11 pm (UTC)(link)
Steve has the killswitch codes to Tony's suits as a failsafe measure. Tony didn't expect him to use it quite in this way - disabling the Iron Man suit and ripping just enough of the armor away to fuck him while he's helpless.

Steve/Bucky/T'Challa - sparring-to-fucking, DP

(Anonymous) 2016-04-26 05:22 pm (UTC)(link)
With Bucky being on the receiving end.

Steve(/Bucky), masturbation and fantasizing

(Anonymous) 2016-04-26 05:46 pm (UTC)(link)
Steve Rogers fantasizes about being as healthy, popular, and hot as Bucky and ends up with his hands down his pants. Can be sublimated Steve/Bucky pining or hover in a weird place of I Just Want To Be You.

Steve/Bucky, boot camp RP (post TWS)

(Anonymous) 2016-04-26 06:57 pm (UTC)(link)
Bucky's the drill sergeant, Steve's the new recruit. Bucky runs Steve through laps, calisthenics, etc until Steve's panting and sweaty. And then things get nasty. ;)

Bucky/Wanda - Oral

(Anonymous) 2016-04-27 12:05 am (UTC)(link)
Basically them going down on each other.

Re: Bucky/Wanda - Oral

(Anonymous) 2016-05-10 03:45 am (UTC)(link)

I'm into these two and I don't even understand why. Someone explain it to me by writing porn about them.

Loki/Thor dysfunction

(Anonymous) 2016-04-27 12:06 am (UTC)(link)
Loki thinks having sex will make Thor disgusted with him (and himself) and drive him away; Thor thinks it will save Loki. Guilt, shame, awkward sex, dishonesty all ensue.

Re: Loki/Thor dysfunction

(Anonymous) 2016-04-27 03:44 am (UTC)(link)

Dottie/Peggy f/f anal

(Anonymous) 2016-04-27 12:24 am (UTC)(link)
Could be hatesex, could be weird we've been working together too long with too much UST. Don't care who is on which end, but Dottie's POV either way would be great, especially if there's a little element of Dottie being equal parts contemptuous, because hello redroom, and really, really obsessive about finally being this close to Peggy.

Re: Dottie/Peggy f/f anal

(Anonymous) 2016-05-15 01:35 pm (UTC)(link)
Potential filler here. Would you be OK with dubcon?

Re: Dottie/Peggy f/f anal

(Anonymous) - 2016-05-15 21:00 (UTC) - Expand

Sam/Rhodey power imbalance

(Anonymous) 2016-04-27 12:27 am (UTC)(link)
Sam's sort of intimidated/crushing on Col. Rhodes, and Rhodey takes a little bit of advantage to bang Sam six ways from Sunday.

Re: Sam/Rhodey power imbalance

(Anonymous) 2016-05-20 08:30 am (UTC)(link)
OMG great idea!

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